Located between two natural ecosystems. Our close proximity to Carara National Park, the Tarcoles River and our own private reserve of 500 acres allows us the singular luxury of offering you the unique comparison of two different ecosystems, we are located in the border of the Tropical and the Dry Pacific eco-systems, two different climates and many singular species of birds and animals not available anywhere else.  Over 400 species of birds await the bird watching connoisseur, as well as other exotic animals.



“There are very few places where you can see Scarlet Macaw in the wild – Villa Lapas is one of them!”

A Villa Lapas exclusive! Experience the raw power of the rainforest through our Sky Way walking tour…1.5 miles (2.5 km) in length, and five suspended bridges at more than 180 feet above the ground! Each of these bridges is an astonishing 300 feet length, crossing through the very heart of the tropical rain forest.  This all-ages tour lets you observe a wide array of exotic flora, fauna and wildlife firsthand. Make yourself one with the jungle!



Sitting on a Wagon  you cross the forest, located in the Canyon of the Tarcolitos River that is part of the 500 acres private reserve of the Villa Lapas Hotel, which has been protected and preserved since the hotel opened 26 years ago. In this tour you will cross the river 8 times with a total distance of 3.2km.  We have one Wagon with  capacity for 24 people, and onother one for 28 people.  The wagons are pulled by a low-speed Wheel tractor, so that you can appreciate both the flora and the exuberant fauna of such a special area in Costa Rica as Carara is. During the tour we make several stops for bird watching and to take a look to important trees in the area.



There are many other places and things to do around Villa Lapas! View impressive crocodiles, exotic birds and fauna at the mangroves of the Tárcoles River or dive into the great beaches of the Pacific by snorkel, cruise them by kayak,  do some horseback riding through the coast or visit the second larger waterfall in the country at Bijagual’s town.  All these tours can be easy arranged from our front desk at time of your arrival.